Rap artist Banga Bandanaz releases a new music video to his ‘Death Wish’ freestyle

Musicians – Independent Connecticut artist Banga Bandanaz has been keeping the fuel pumping through the underground music scene. He recently released a new music video titled ‘Death Wish’ that was originally released a little over a year ago. He breathed new life into the music track by publishing the content on his news channel for people to see and has since garnered viewership over the thousand mark.


The 2-minute freestyle carried on the street sound of gritty metaphors that we repeatedly expressed in previous stories written about Banga’s wordplay. When we first reported about the song it was the 18th released within a few month period around this time last year. Banga has still been keeping that momentum going with brand new material and successfully refueling older tracks that will appear new to new listeners.


It’s something about that gun powder smell when that tool blast/

Pictures of that ***** that you killed when that news flashed/

My heart numb its filled of backed up pain from mad years ago/

They had me shackled in chains from mad years ago//

And we don’t give a **** about bum *******/

most of ya’ll aint good enough to even come **** n****s//


You could check out the rest of the song by clicking the video below!

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