Rap Artist Banga Bandanaz ‘Run Down’ his competition with two new freestyles! (Check Them Out)

Musicians – Rap artist Banga Bandanaz still hasn’t calmed down the fuel he’s been burning since the heat wave that carried a trail of a lot of music early last year. Just late last month he released another freestyle titled ‘Fall Back’ and nearly a week ago he released a new freestyle titled ‘Run Down’ that could also be found on Youtube.


After I settled in my new location I  had the great pleasure in checking a lot of the music that recently came out from the state of Connecticut and  I got a chance to tune in to both of the freestyles that unsurprisingly carried the same intensity as the songs he released in the past. This is definitely something I applauded him for and continued to write news stories on him because of it. He hasn’t fell off at all. Here’s some of the bars I picked from both tracks!


Fall Back


Try me it’ll be a war/

I’ll beat your man until he unidentifiable like something you aint see before//

It’s hard to check the body count somebody gotta keep the score/

if you aint got it on you my n**** what is you reaching for?//



Run Down


Why you be snapping like that on the Internet stunting with all of that jewelry on/

You know she gonna send me a screen shot we know where you at when your story gone/

I hope you be keeping it real when you say you be strapped and you ride with the 40 on/

One minute you kissing your kids then the next minute your son and your daughter gone//

2 guns, 2 clips, one down, two hit/

spin around shoot s*** – he a clown, you a *****//



You could check out both of the freestyles by clicking the links below!


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