Rap artist Banga Bandanaz will return to Internet Hollywood for his second interview this month!

Buzz Alert – Independent Hip Hop artist Banga Bandanaz will be returning to the Internet Hollywood universe to discuss a couple of things with IH Vaughka after accepting an invitation to be interviewed late last month. Banga was one of a wave of musicians that was selected to be interviewed on the website but he remains one of the very few to be interviewed twice. The interview will come as no surprise to a lot of readers in our music column because the artist has repeatedly made front page news from previous moves he’s made on the music team. He has been published on the website 18 times and when the second interview is released it will be 19. If Banga Bandanaz continues to land publications as much as he’s been doing already he will become the most published artist on InternetHollywood.com. The interview will be about 7-8 questions long and will dig into the artists latest goals for music, upcoming projects, past popular records, his vocal approach on the music scene, criticism, and more.




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