Rap artist Big Mach was contacted by IH Vega and will be doing his first interview with Internet Hollywood this month!

Buzz Alert – Independent Hip Hop artist Big Mach has been an active force on the underground music scene in Connecticut for years and we have been keeping tabs on the artist as much as we could as he continues to keep his name active in the music field by hammering the underground with new music, music videos, and more. Although the artist just released a new music video, we will save that for another story that’s in the process of being made for him. But even with 13 features on InternetHollywood.com, he has never been interviewed by IH Vega (Vaughka) for the website until now. Big Mach was invited to do the interview a little bit over 2 weeks ago with a few others and has accepted the invitation to do the interview and will be answering the questions Vaughka will be sending sometime this week. It is not known what Vaughka will be discussing with Big Mach or when the interview will be released but as the story unravels we will keep you updated!



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