Rap artist Block Boy Gotti releases the music video for his song ‘For The Gang’

Musicians – Rap artist Block Boy Gotti was gearing up for another music video release this weekend and the video is finally released. Before the release the Connecticut music artist shared a clip of the video through his social media platforms with a caption that reads:


#380BabyEnt #380Family #MudBruddas #Hartford


The release of the music video comes after the release of his previous video ‘Own Sh*t’ that included footage from his performance at the last Internet Hollywood Party on November 16th of last year. He’s one of the first artists that performed at the Internet Hollywood Show which marked its very first episode of many to come.


Block Boy Gotti has been extremely active in music since last year and has many songs that have yet been released to the public. Internet Hollywood Vega acknowledges the talent and creative abilities of Gotti and has said he’s very good at calculating and planning his releases. You could check out the music video below!

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