Rap artist BløckBøyy Gøtti releases one of the songs he performed at the IH Party titled ‘Own Shit’

Musicians – Independent Hip Hop artist BløckBøyy Gøtti has been keeping himself busy through the holiday season and snowstorms in the northeast wasn’t enough to stop the heat coming out the kitchen he use to chef up some new material. The music artist released a new song from his EP titled ‘Own Shit’ on his Soundcloud and the song is fire. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the songs he performed at the Internet Hollywood Party on November 16th.


The song included some pretty awesome cover art by @sairskii and is apart of a bigger project that’s going to include a body of songs and he definitely let us hear a few of them. It is unclear whether making any news public on if a music video will be close in the near future. That is something that we will find out as time comes.


BløckBøyy Gøtti was one of the very few rappers that were selected to be apart of the Internet Hollywood Show. He also has a collaboration track with AL Wack & Bugz titled ‘Straight Drop’ that’s at #9 on the Internet Hollywood Music Playlist. We willkeep you updated on more news on the artist soon. You could check out the song below. Don’t forget to follow his Soundcloud.

~*Cover Art By @sairskii *~*~

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