Rap artist Blockboyy Gotti shares photo of his new single with Bugz860 titled “You Lost Out” coming soon!

Musicians – The independent world of music has never been anymore active as the grounds heat up from the beaming lights of the sun that is bringing as closer to the summer by the day. The energy has helped us break new stories from talented artists from the state that are actively engaging in the underground music scene by bringing their new material to the forefront for everyone to see how they rock the microphone. This story is now following an upcoming release from independent music artist Blockboyy Gotti.


The music artist just shared a photo from Bugz860 Facebook page that shows a picture which advertises a new song he has coming out with Bugz860 titled “You Lost Out”. The photo that was shared came after a thoughtful status he wrote teasing about the release of the new single: “I think it’s time to drop a song and stop teasing niggas what ya think 🤔🤔”

Not much information has been shared about the new single that they’re working on but Bugz860 has been doing a great job raising awareness for other songs he has in the works and a new music video from a song he made titled “It’s Okay” that could now be streamed on Youtube. I will not be sharing that song in this story because I’m currently in the process of writing another story for the music video he released. As far as “You Lost Out”, we will have to wait and see what both of the artists have up their sleeve!


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