Rap artist Bud Cinco brings everyone to the ‘Fort Life’ in his new song released on Soundcloud

Musicians (Mayhem MusikK) – Independent Connecticut rap artist Bud Cinco isn’t slowing down the buzz of his music and his latest release shows that. The release of his music ‘Light Up A Spliff’ has been performing well over YouTube with over nine thousand views signaling the hard work that’s being done to push the song independently. But Bud Cinco has chosen to apply more pressure on the music scene with another song that he just released on Soundcloud.


I learned of Bud Cinco’s new song ‘Fort Life’ on Facebook while I was taking a stroll through my news feed in search of news from talented people I wrote about before. After discovering Bud Cinco’s new release that has generated a couple hundred views so far, I quickly whipped up the pad to write a story about the new song so all of you could listen.


The new song ‘Fort Life’ carries a similar mellow sound like ‘Light Up A Spliff’ but holds a louder base and a more confident flow that paints a picture of the street life through the eyes and experience of his own. It includes a sampled hook that relaxes the instrumental and brings ease to the listener’s ears and thoughts in the listener’s mind before Cinco goes in for the kill with his follow up verses. Check the song out below!




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