Rap artist Bud Cinco ‘Light Up A Spliff’ in his new music video shot by @UNRULY_WES

Independent Music – The Connecticut music scene has been on fire with new releases coming out from music artist all over the state that’s taking a swing at the game of Hip Hop. I have been noticing a huge increase in new music circulating around the world of social media and it’s only right for me to get back to exploring the art of creativity wherever I find it. This time art found its way to me through a relative I know that visited me last week and I meant to write about it.


Hartford, Connecticut rap artist Bud Cinco recently got busy on his new song ‘Light Up A Spliff‘ that was released a little over a week ago by @UNRULY_WES on his Youtube channel. The song has been garnering support, inside and out, and is already making its way up to 3,000 views showing Cinco’s strength as an artist pushing his music independently. The great quality video shows Bud Cinco in Hartford’s north end crossing the streets and hanging out in his hood with his entourage. The style of the song is more street oriented but the instrumental is mellow and more relaxed – giving the song more of a smooth sound.


Part of the Hook

Light up a spliff/Sip on some Remy//

You n****s is b***h made and we run the city/

f**k is you talking bout n***a? You know we get busy/

You know we trap all night just to build up the kitty//


You could check out the music video by clicking the video link below. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and post your comment on the video to let Bud Cinco know what you think. I feel this video was well done and @UNRULY_WES did a great job adding a great quality video to Bud Cinco’s dope song. I look forward to following their work and writing about them a lot more in the future.


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