Rap artist Future X releases a new music video titled ‘Late Night Drive’ feat. Snacks Giggaty & Bobbi Baddnewz

Musicians – Rap artist Future X has some new music circulating online after releasing what appears to be a new music video on his YouTube channel. The new song ‘Late Night Drive’ featuring Snacks Giggaty and Bobbi Baddnewz takes on a more calmer vibe in its production by Wave that made its appearance on the video-streaming platform on Valentines Today.


One could credit them for the opening footage that introduces the video in a radio station where Future X calls in a radio show to ask a female who admits her love to him during an interview. He is later scene creeping towards the window near where she was sitting before placing a paper on the glass saying “Will You Go Out With Me?” They both ended up hugging and then the music video begins.


The known melodies of Giggaty could be heard as he harmonizes his way through the hook while some pretty cool visuals bring some pretty cool editing moments that all viewers would find entertaining to watch as they stream the nicely done video. Here are a few bars we highlighted from the song from Future X and Bobbi Bad News.


stretching out her legs, got a palm full of her hair/

im telling her throw it back, she yelling out right there/yeah

I promise on god her ***** the wettest/

throw it right back to the ??? I’ll never ever forget it/ ~ Bobbi Bad News


Just digging down in you you whisper out stroke me/

in the field where they catch bullets like bread and stokely/

why I feel you squeeze tight when you hold me?/

don’t ever leave me Akon Lonely/ ~ Future X


You could check out the video below!


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