Rap artist Hartford Po gives his ‘Side Thoughts’ in his new music video!

Musicians – Connecticut’s own Hartford Po never slows down the amusement when expressing his musical art in some story telling fashion. If it is one thing we learned over the years is that the artist has the ability to rap on street anthems and make easy transitions over to hard hitting life circumstances even while collaborating with others.


I’m a little late catching onto a lot of the music that was released but I’m happy to have a chance to dive into all the new sounds that’s been flowing through the streets of my home state and others. I’ve come to discovered newly released tracks by Hartford Po, a well known artists throughout the music scene in Connecticut and other states that’s also tapped in.


This new song ‘Side Thoughts’ is a piece of the art he displays in many of his releases. Here’s some of hard hitting bars from the song I decided to highlight from Po:


My father died and I been thinking bout my pops lately/

spinning through the block lately/

loading up that glock maybe/

knowing the time is money got me looking at my watch crazy/


More Highlights

I remember early trips they pop my cell to go to court/

this my third continuance they got me going back and fourth/

lawyer talking all these numbers cut that conversation short/

if you aint talking less than five just bring me back November 4th/ 


His Youtube channel states “283” is streaming on all platforms. Follow his page below to find out more information!



Hartford Po: Instagram

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