Rap artist Hartford Po releases his version of Meek Mill’s ‘Stay Woke’ in a music video (Check It Out Now)

Musicians – Hip Hop artist Hartford Po is a musician that has been doing his thing for years in the tri-state music scene and still his love for the microphone continues to show as he drives the force of his musical algorithm to the drawing board in the state of Connecticut. He chooses never to let the dust settle on the microphone and repeatedly keeps his social media following informed on all of his latest music news updates.


In case you were under a rock last month, you may have missed the pomix to Meek Mill’s ‘Stay Woke’ that was released in a music video and is currently streaming close to 1,000 on Youtube. Anybody with the business idea of how beneficial a thousand views is when it comes to financially benefiting off of streams would know that’s a really great number for an independent artist that pushes their own content. And as time pass viewers and the cycle of music runs it’s course the consumers will value the potential of those numbers in any kind of stream for an artist.


The conscious sound of an artist analyzing the world around him could be found in ‘Stay Woke’ content. Hartford Po touched down on many things and gave his thoughts on people locked up in behind the cells of the penitentiary. You could check out the music video below!


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