Rap artist Hartford Po reveals webseries Ounces season 2 is coming soon, discusses music, upcoming projects, music videos, and more!

Musicians / Interviews – Independent Connecticut Hip Hop artist Hartford Po had some things to share in a recent interview we did. I had the great pleasure in finding out a couple of things about the artist and the things he has been working on since we last spoke and I thank him for granting the interview to fill me in on everything I needed to know. The interview was originally six questions long but it somehow ended up being five after one of the questions returned blank during the interview process. But the interview is worth the read so I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Interview /w Hartford Po*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s poppin Po?! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe for the second time for an interview. The last one we did you gave us all the inside scoop we needed to fill our readers in on everything you had going on since your release from prison. It’s good to see your still out here experiencing the life on the outside like the rest of how. How has everything been since you been out my brother? Have you been doing anything new you haven’t normally done before?


Hartford Po: Wats goody internet Hollywood? It’s ya boy Hartford Po it’s always a pleasure working with you. Since I’ve been home i been more focused on family as anyone should especially being away for years u tend to cherish things n people that you love other than at its music I’ve been learning the business side of the music situation learning legal aspects n getting everything in order to move legitimate. I’m more focused on branding myself more networking more


Internet Hollywood: It’s definitely a hard life to live when trying to establish a pathway that frees us independent musicians building a brand with a limited amount of support. I’ve been noticing you using a lot of the resources online to build yourself and many others have also been noticing the power that comes with social media. You have been releasing teaser trailers to songs and music videos before you put them out which has always been a smart marketing move to build hype before releases. Do you many artist lack success because they don’t understand how to use the resources infront of them or do you feel it’s a unity factor that plays a role in it like they been trying to make CT artists believe for years?


Hartford Po: I can’t really speak for everyone but it definitely was a big lack as a young artist coming up I didn’t take advantage of the resources at that time which were open mics nowadays the internet made it so much faster n easier to get heard seen and in touch with everything is a click away I guess i gotta adapt to the time as far as the unity factor networking is key a lot of artists lack reaching out they remain antisocial or group biased because of dislikes n street Shit getting in the way so it can play apart in branding but branding comes with ya own time n effort n sacrifice in my opinion.


Internet Hollywood: In a few months it will be the one year anniversary since the release of your 17-track mixtape ‘Pain Of A Capricon’. What was the inspiration behind the creation of that mixtape and why did you choose that name for it?


Hartford Po: Thank you man I’m really proud of that project but there’s always more room for growth n room for more projects like it. The inspiration was my life as a whole that actually was the title of a song I got on my “THIS IS PO” mixtape hosted by DJ LAZY K the song is called pain of a Capricorn i also have a video on YouTube for the song u can check that as well but it stems from that time n point of my life i was supposed to drop the pain of a Capricorn in 2012 but a change of events altered the drop dates then I went down n a lot of other things happened since then which created more fuel n visual for the project I really took my time on that one.


Internet Hollywood: Lately, I have been trying to discover the meaning behind people’s name and where did they originate from. I find some of the answers I read very interesting so I figured I ask you as well. Why did they call you PO and what made you want to add Hartford to the name? Is there a bigger reason behind the thought of it just being you from Hartford?


Hartford Po: I got the name Po when I was little older. Cats called me Alpo in the neighborhood, that stemmed from my name being Alex, Hartford Po came later. The city actually called me Hartford Po that’s all I would talk about is where I’m from. It’s no city better so I rep hard and da hood noticed then the name really took off when I started running with Lazy K. It was all she wrote. lol.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things that your working on now and will we be seeing anymore music videos coming out in the future?


Hartford Po: Man I been working I been doing a lot of videos as of lately. I have a few already done just don’t have drop dates to them while still in the studio making new music for new footage. I also got into acting a lil bit so to speak; shout out to Zo n da NE Video family on the OUNCES web series, shout to my rt44 family; da bro S-Type and da writers for having me apart of this journey. Season two coming soon on Facebook platform but def stay tuned. it’s a lot in store for the world to see.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Hartford Po! Keep up the great work!





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