Rap artist Hartford Po was contacted by IH Vega and will be doing his second interview with Internet Hollywood!

Buzz Alert – Independent rap artist Hartford Po has been putting in his music work for years in the music scene and judging on his latest music video “DON POLEONE” that was released last week, it doesn’t seem like the work will be slowing down anytime soon. The music artist was recently contacted by IH Vaughka and was invited to do a 7-8 question interview for Internet Hollywoood and he accepted. The interview will be his second and it will push his total publications on InternetHollywood.com from 9 to 10 in total. In the interview, IH Vaughka plans on finding out Hartford Po’s latest music plans, his acting role in the “Ounces” webseries previous seasons, upcoming projects, and more. We will keep you updated as the interview develops!




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