Rap artist Illnigma talks about iLLnigmaTV.com, re-launching his podcast, the origins of his name, rapping about politics, and more!

Musicians – It may seem like Independent Hip Hop artist Illnigma has been quiet as of late but he has been cooking up some things in the background and will be bringing them to the forefront sooner than you may think. I recently caught up with Illnigma to get caught up on all of the latest things he’s been working on and what we could expect from him in the future and he filled me in on everything I needed to know. Check out the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Illnigma*~*~


Internet Hollywood: iLLnigma!! The time has finally come from another interview after a very long time of speaking and I’m glad you accepted my invitation to take me on for this interview. I honestly didn’t think you were going to but I appreciate the fact that you took your time to do so. How has things been going my brother and what are some of the things you been working on now that we’re in a brand new year?


Illnigma: Ok thanks for having me. New projects on the way now is iLLnigmaTV.com which will feature blogging on a daily & a weekly podcast. All updated music & music from your favorite local & established artist along with a bunch of other stuff. get ready!


Internet Hollywood: You’re definitely one of the most lyrical people I have ever came across. Believe it or not, I actually heard about you before we even ended up being connected through Facebook. So your name was definitely floating around even at times you probably thought it wasn’t and I appreciate you always staying humble and showing support. That’s why I highly respect you and the team you’re apart of. One thing I noticed is how fearless you are when it comes to speaking on political things and putting it inside of your music. Why do you feel others are so afraid to speak out about things in their music and do you ever fear the thought of being targeted by powerful people who may have problems with your views when you reach that level of success where people all over the world is listening?


Illnigma: Okay, the thing about that is most artist want to fit in the “‘NOW”. They will say and do anything that will benefit them. They follow every trend and that’s the main focus for them. The number 1 reason why most artists aren’t lyrical is because they do not have the ability to do it. So since the word “Most” is the majority, which motivates most artist to rap in a mumble way because they want to be on that side of our genre. So what they do is pretend lyrical rap or rap with substance is played out or for old heads. That’s how they want the world to see that and I’m on the side of the genre that’s not gonna let that happen.


Internet Hollywood: I remember you telling me how you structured your bars and how you listened to artists like Eminem, Canibus, Nas, Game, Tupac, and others. This makes me even far more curious to how you feel about the music that is now in rotation when it comes to mainstream radio outlets. So what are your thoughts on that and do you feel you’ve been placed in the position to change anything about the way you rap to fit in with the era out now?


Illnigma: I’ve been super quite lately not putting anything out or performing which makes it seem I’m done. Wrong! I haven’t even started! The new music that’s been dropping lately is dope and I listen every day! Also there is a lot of new artist locally I been listening to. Niggaz like fifth gang, Kay Roze, Jay Da Kidd, Ray Francis & even artist out here that been making noise like 12 Rounz, DAYY, Williano, Gov Mag, & S -Type. All of them cats is dope! My style can fit any era and beat and genre. I can make an adjustment but should I? That’s the real question!


Internet Hollywood: I remember when we last spoke you had plans of bringing the Podcast back sometime in the future. Do you still have any plans in the works to do a radio show or a podcast now that it has become very popular now?


Illnigma: Yes the podcast is going to come back out on illnigmatv.com and it’s going to be a hundred times better and it’s going to be talking about every topic everything is going to be there I advise people to pay attention when that happens!


Internet Hollywood: Where did the name Illnigma come from, what made you decide to use it as your rap name, and what kind of image do you see yourself portraying as the artist to people that’s watching?


Illnigma: My original name was enigma but there was a musical group in another country by that name so I decided to take the “E” out and add “iLL” as in I rap iLL. I was actually on the city bus when I made up the name “iLLnigma” heading downtown crossing the bridge into Hartford from East Hartford. Memories.


Internet Hollywood: What has been your main focus now that we entered into a new year and do you plan on branching off into other things besides music to expand Illnigma as a diverse brand with more than just a musical following?


Illnigma: yep that’s when you going to get the website and a lot more new things after that so prepare for that it’s nowhere close to being over, and I need all my supporters out this time and if you never supported I need you to support this time cuz I have a lot of stuff in store personally for everybody!!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Illnigma!




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