Rap artist Joe Banga to release ‘1990 Somethin Pt3’ in July, pre-order the 12 tracks on iTunes today!

Musicians – Independent Hip Hop artist Joe Banga will soon be releasing his third installment to his ‘1990 Somthin’ music projects. The artist has been raising awareness to this news that his ‘1990 Somethin Pt3’ mixtape is on its way and you could pre-order the songs on iTunes. I recently found out about part 3 while I was surfing the web in search of new things happening in Connecticut. I also seen that there is artwork to the cover of the project that includes many legendary artists.


The entire songs listing is also available to see and it has many features. Some of the features includes artists 12 Rounz, Unc da Great, Guns Danero & Crash Boys, Newz, feat. Nerdy X LiveLife, Migz, Cool Que, Butta Da Kidd, and more. The original date for pre-orders were suppose to be in June but Joe Banga updated his status and said the date has been pushed back. I have not heard a song from the music project nor do I know if there is any music publicly available. Joe Banga has not been sharing much of his own music as of late and has been showing supporter to many other music artists on his page. You could pre-order ‘1990 Somethin Pt3’ below!




‘Click Here To Pre-Order ‘1990 Somethin Pt3’


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