Rap artist Joe Banga will return to Internet Hollywood for his first interview with IH Vega this month!

Buzz Alert – A lot of new interviews will be done this month for Internet Hollywood and many artists from the state of Connecticut will be returning back to the front page of the website to fill the Internet Hollywood universe with all of the information they need on their latest news, upcoming projects, background stories, previous work, and more. News has been breaking the headlines on our front page about many artists that were selected and now Hip Hop artist Joe Banga has been added to the talented lineup of artists that will be interviewed by IH Vega. The music artist has been impacting the music scene and supporting others for years and has a long list of music releases, videos, mixtapes, clothing, and other cool things, such as strategic marketing strategies to help influence sales in his project releases whenever he decides to release them. These are a few of many things that has inspired us to send out an invitation to be interviewed and we couldn’t of been anymore happier he accepted. The artist has been featured on the website 10 times and was one of the first musicians to show his support to Internet Hollywood Vaughka. We will keep you updated as the interview unfolds!



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