Rap artist King Diddy Bop releases a preview of his song with Trife Snitte and Napalm Tha Don from ‘Caught By The Real Vol. 1’ (Listen Now)

Musicians – The streets of Connecticut has been burning with new material that has been heating up the streets through out the first half of the year and many new singles from music projects is being prepared for release and I’m happy to share the news with everyone that is willing to read up on upcoming talent from the states that has talented artists. I have been digging through the social media world to find out some of the latest things that’s been happening in the state of Connecticut and I always find more than enough to write about.


A few of those artists we could add of to that lineup of emcees is King Diddy Bop, Trife Snitte, and Napalm Tha Don. A new collaboration involving them three was recently released for the public to listen to on King Diddy Bop’s page and the song is straight fire. The 2-minute street anthem included a bunch of hard hitting bars from each artist that brought the same high paced energy that delivered bars faster in the flow before connecting the hook between each verse.


King Diddy Bop

40 cal 9 mils point it at 9 grills/

no ya wont buss a gun my niggas but mine will//

come around the way a bunch of hooligans grind still/

bussing more nighters than a n**** on nine pills//


Napalm Da Don

I’m a god with a pull of a finger send you to satan/

You a fraud and as far as ya man he signing statements//

little niggas who don’t know no better the four got em/

____ a blast send him back in the past with his four fathers//



Trife Snitte

That oozie a buss a nigga in his kufi/

certified goonie smoke an opp like a loosey//

wet his ass up leave him hot like a jacuzie/

head shot dead opps that’s what’s soothes me//


There is no set date on when ‘Caught By The Real Vol. 1’ will be released or when the whole song will be released but I will keep an ear out for it. I’m hoping they decide to make a music video for it. This song is fire. You could check out the preview of the song by clicking the Facebook link below. For some reason it says unavailable when we try to embed the link!

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