Rap artist Krack Ko Kane sets album release date for ‘Born in Sin’ to April 2019, previews his first single!

Musicians – It has been a lot of information flowing out of the capital city in Connecticut and I’m honored to be the one to do the digging to figure out what’s going on with the talent inside of the cities. After doing some more digging I discovered that independent Connecticut artist Krack Ko Kane is working on an album and is planning on releasing it sometime in April. I recently found out about the new album over Facebook when I saw a post that directed me to a sneak preview he did for the album.


The new album titled ‘Born In Sin’ is a project Krack Ko Kane is working on with Abiss TheLyricist from Blazed-Up Records and he’s currently in discussions to make his music single ‘Feelings’ a music video shot by Jay Films. He told me he’s undecided on if he will feature others in his song but he released a sneak preview of his single ‘feelings’ on Facebook on December 1st and it has passed over 9 thousand views since its release.


Krack Ko Kane is a familiar name to a lot of people in the Connecticut music scene that’s heard of Money Mafia Green Meanie Bandits. He was an artist in the group that featured Nardi the Kid, Scalez the Great, Napalm the Don, and Guilty the God, and Notes. Krazy also stated they were featured on P.I.M.P 5Corners Mixtape.


As more information about the album becomes available to me I will definitely make sure to bring that news to the front pages of our website. I’m definitely interested in hearing what Krack Ko Kane is cooking up for April. You could check the preview on Facebook below!


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