Rap artist Kuntry_Kp talks about his ‘Out The Bottom’ music video, upcoming projects, his group Pure Pro, his dream goal, and more!

Musicians / Interviews – It was a pleasure to finally have an interview with Pure Pro’s own Kuntry_Kp. The independent Hip Hop artist that currently lives in the state of Connecticut opened up about a couple of things in his career as an independent artist and gave me an update on some of the things he is currently working on. I sent the artist an invite for the interview sometime last month and sent a couple of questions for him to answer after he accepted the interview. I hope you enjoy reading it!


~*~*Interview /w Kuntry_Kp*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s goodie my brother?! First let me start by saying that song ‘Out The Bottom’ is one of the dopest songs I heard this year. I had that song playing non-stop when I first heard it. That’s definitely something I want to put in rotation on Internet Hollywood Radio when it launches. The music video also fueled the energy of the song and I always find myself going back to it to check it out sometimes. What was the process like writing up a song like that and what inspired the ideas that created the scenes inside of the video, and will anymore videos be released?


Kuntry_Kp: Writing out the bottom was deep for me I approach the song telling my story with energy from a kid who was raised in Coleman Ga and spent most of the time in the McDonald woods while also letting you know I live in Hartford and got a lot respect and love for the entire culture in Connecticut especially Hartford. What inspired it the most is just growth thru my life family and how’ve far I came.


Internet Hollywood: You finally released an 11-track mixtape titled ‘Pain Is My Blessing’ that could also be streamed online on outlets like DatPiff. What made you choose the name ‘Pain Is My Blessing’ and what was the inspiration that drove you to create the 11-tracks and will there any more mixtapes in the future?


Kuntry_Kp: Pain is my blessing was my title because a lot of my trials and tribulations made me strong thru the pains of life. Like losing family friends going thru the struggles and just all around understand god gave me purpose even thru my hard times. I have a vision for myself to use the music platform to open other doors besides just being a artist. I’ve learn when u got voice as an artist no one can take that from you. So I step outside the box instead just speaking on what goes on in the streets or what I do in the streets. I gave u past tense content from my past while presenting to you by the end of the project the man I’ve become. So my mixtape really was a book. Right now I’m just trying work on building my brand and do collaboration with other artist in Hartford. I’m currently trying work on a pipeline for Hartford artist to have an Georgia platform, being that’s home for me and I have a great support team. Woodboy entertainment and Pure Pro with myself being the face of Pure Pro south. I just got long term vision not something I’m just trying do for the moment.


Internet Hollywood: You are known as a Connecticut artist to many but it’s clear when people hear your way of rapping in songs it has a southern sound to it as well. What would you say influenced the way you make music the most and how long did it take you to shape your craft to the sound and the way you rap now as far as lyrics and songwriting is concerned?


Kuntry_Kp: I grew up on master p and always thought T.I was the best rapper alive in my opinion. Like I never got in tune to the east coast or up north rap like I did with the trap sounds which took over the rap game for minute in my younger days. So when I actually write I don’t try to focus on being lyrical I tell my story while putting a positive message out for others I’m Not trying be an black activist or anything I just feel like presentation is everything. I learn from the old heads back in my younger days to stay low key in the streets I’m 80’s baby it was cool to look up to the hustlers drug dealers and gangsters cause they look out for the community instead competing. So a lot my influence just come from learning life that’s why again I call my mixtape pain is my blessing.


Internet Hollywood: You are also a member of the rap group Pure Pro. I appreciate how ya’ll came through and did ya’ll thing at our very first party in Worcester, Massachusetts. I’m definitely hoping to recreate that reality again sometime in the future. When did you become a member of Pure Pro and how did ya’ll establish such a great way in performing as a unit together on stages? Do ya’ll practice often?


Kuntry_Kp: Pure Pro was family way before I decided to rap. Summer of 2006 on vine the rest been history every since. So big shout to thump truth hood and static. Also performing came natural for us we didn’t have to do much practice. We all got our own unique style each individual artist under pure pro. That’s why you get an cool energetic and one hella performance we hit the stage together. We never practice before show only vibe up to the tracks and put it in the work.


Internet Hollywood: Are you currently working on any other projects right now or doing any features?


Kuntry_Kp: As of now I’m honestly looking forward to working with artists out of the whole Connecticut and of course Georgia. I just been focus more on the business side and putting together a small tour from Hartford to Atlanta Georgia For other artists like banga bandas lowkey bake slim scavenger Hartford Po and truth who consistently continue to keep grinding. Just few artists to name that I respect and vibe out to they music. Not to mention artiket music and yo q who make nothing but fire beats. So I’m working building music relationship and mastering the art of marketing.


Internet Hollywood: What is your dream goal behind all of the hard work that your doing and what is your main focus right now to get you to that place you need to be, and do you fear anything along the way in your challenging journey?


Kuntry_Kp: Music is my passion it’s just a platform I wanna use so that my voice can be heard and influential Like I wanna use my passion for music to influence the younger generation because the streets I once knew don’t follow the same code or respect the chain of command. Like I’m not trying preach good or bad. I just want embrace accountability and understanding to the world. Like it’s no need to complain about anything if you not gone do anything about it to change it. One of my main focus is to keep growing and elevating my music craft so i can slowly change the world, not into my on image of what I see the world should be, but just accountability and understanding in life take you a long way. Until then I’m keep grinding learning this music business and slowly mold myself in to business mogul and music genius. I don’t fear anything or anyone but god I feel like life what you make it and if music not my purpose eventually god and life itself will reveal that to me in the meantime im enjoying this music journey ups and downs.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Kuntry!







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