Rap artist Limmyz releases a new single titled ‘Who You’ from his new mixtape ‘King Me’ that’s coming out soon!

Musicians – Independent Connecticut Hip Hop artist Limmyz is back at it again in his new song titled ‘Who You’ from his mixtape ‘King Me’ that was just released online for everybody following his page to listen. I came across the released single on Facebook after seeing it on my newsfeed from a tagged post on Facebook on February 22nd. Limmyz credited Bean Beezy for the production of the track and continued with “I know them like(s) was gone reach 100. So Ima just buss the bag wide open. “


The aggressive street single repeatedly fired off bars that questions the authenticity of people’s stance on certain things he doesn’t approve of. The 3-minute song received a lot of shares from people in favor of the single that is an installment to a mixtape Limmyz said is coming out very soon.


Lines from the song:

These n****s be bluffin screaming they lama working/

Online Facebooking how they gaunja potent//

weirdos, bosoz, I got bars coming in by the boat load/

I ask who you cuz i ain’t never seen you around/

claiming that you down with the gang you from out of the town//


The release date of the interview is not set at this time but Limmy revealed to me in a message that he’s finishing up a couple of tracks then it’s a go. So we will have to wait and see what happens. You could check out the song “Who You” by clicking the video link below!


Limmyz has been published on InternetHollywood.com two times this year. That number will most likely increase as we continue to write news stories on musicians from the state of Connecticut as well.



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