Rap artist LittyBlanco discusses working on new music, doing club parties with G.O.L.D, Pure Pro, his goals, and more!

Musicians / Lost Interviews – Rap artist LittyBlanco has been keeping himself busy as of late and everyone that knows him can’t deny his hustler mentality that has went far beyond music and into the night life where people who partying would go to have a good time with their friends. LittyBlanco has encouraged the support of black owned businesses and has even partnered up with other entrepreneur thinkers who thrive for the same goals of success as he does.


A couple months back I caught up with LittyBlanco to discuss a great deal of things and he didn’t mind putting me on to a lot of things he had going on. Now that I’m finally back writing stories on talented artists I’m so happy I was finally able to get to share this interview. Check it out!!!




Internet Hollywood: What’s up LittyBlanco?! I appreciate you accepting the invitation to do this short interview with me. It’s been sometime since I last wrote up a story about you and with this being our first interview together I’m looking forward to reading some of the answers you have to my questions. How has the new year been treating you so far and what are some of the things you currently got in the works that you would like people to know about?


LittyBlanco: Well 2019 has had its ups & downs took forever for me to get back to u hi my apologies but guess will start with the the fact changed my name from “Shank White” to now being well Known as “LittyBlanco💱” with the trending hashtag cuz #LittyBlancoSaidso💱. Since March of this year I have LLC 3 businesses a active partner in “1stop shop” on Blue hills ave Hartford,Ct and currently working on another store location on the southend of Hartford. I have been expanding in my acting in web series and movies this year. Also working on bunch of music dropping compilation mix tape wit Chasing chicken Music Group, PurePRO ent, Hartford Po, ect! This fall releasing my clothing lines #AllSeasonz & #CollegeView


Internet Hollywood: You have been pretty diverse with your work ethic as far branching off into other things to keep your hustle strong. I have witnessed you go from music, to a studio, to throwing events of your own. What is the motivation behind that diverse way of thinking and what made you decide to start throwing events and what kind of events could we expect from you in the future?


LittyBlanco: My diversity in my hustle stems from my diverse family background my father from PR always worked hard grinding legal & illegal & always had the gift of gab that where most would say I get that trait from & my mom is where I truly get my creativity and work ethic from & main reason I fell in love with music, from all classic r&b, gospel, my mom is a great singer. But like stated before dropping new music in September and November with lots of visuals in between time as well as starting my very own podcast “Idle Talkers” Most recently started collaborating with Marcus Clark aka Gold with the Follow the Drip Friday’s @ Skyplex in Hartford,Ct we just getting started so stay tuned in cuz #LittyBlancoSaidso💱


Internet Hollywood: You have definitely been an active spitter in the Pure Pro movement in the past and the energy the group has as performers is definitely has a strong impact. Where does the group stand as a whole now and could we expect other solo or team projects and music videos sometime in the near future?


LittyBlanco: Yes PurePRO ent has never really been a group like we could be more of an established street label with a wu tang arsenal of CT heavyweight spotters the once 15+ PROs now just 8/10 active but definitely working on some music collectively & individually.. also working on some PurePro Films & skits. PurePROent is more than music & business we are all family 1 way or another that’s the unique thing about our organization so Purepro we forever be here even thru next generation our kids


Internet Hollywood: I recently touched down on the subject of unity in the city of Connecticut. Many people are lead to believe that it takes unity for someone in the city to be put on and the truth to the matter is it’s not the truth. Most artists that get on doesn’t have the support of their hometown and I think many people from the state are beginning to understand that. What do you feel it will take for an artist in Connecticut to overcome the barriers that’s been holding them back and have you changed the way you do and see things to put yourself in a better position to obtain success?


LittyBlanco: I feel the unity/ support would help but not the true factor to get an CT artist on feel really just takes dedication consistency the willingness and drive to with stand.. I personally stop thinking like an artist for of a business mogul that want to jot only make the world aware of CTs talented but also want expand platforms, opportunities & a place of services for the upcoming artist, musicians, actors/actress, poets, fashion designers/stylist, models, dancers/choreographers . As well as behind the scenes such as producers, directors, event planners/coordinator, videography and photography. A place the can harness and perfect their craft.. this will be apart of my legacy and a pillar to my success.


Internet Hollywood: What made you decide the name $hank White$ would be the perfect name for you as a music artist and who could you see your name next to as far as collaborations are concerned?


LittyBlanco: Shank White is nickname I adopted after my little cousin/brother Lewis Dickerson 3rd aka “SHANK” was killed in 2007! Anyone that knows me knows I always been a hustler on multiple grinds since a kid just who I am! Last year I started taking music seriously I always have been a impeccable freestyler but not until 2019 did I start to formulate full songs 🔥🔥🔥2 I want to work wit every CT artist that’s actively working & others like meek mill, French, swiss beats, Dblock, Mary J., J Cole, Joyner Lucas, Kevin Gated, T.I., to name a few. Now til end of time I will be known & remembered as LittyBlanco💱


Internet Hollywood: When the smoke clear and it’s all said and done, where does $hank White$ stand as far as the type of music you want to put out and where do you imagine yourself being when you successfully conquer the goals you have put in place? And if you don’t mind, could you share some of those goals with us now?


LittyBlanco: As my buzz/Littiness & confidence in my abilities within myself continues to grow each year. As LittyBlanco💱 I intend to reach & touch all genre’s of music, mostly hip hop and R&B, my latest passions have been designing clothes for clothing lines and writing & acting in small screen plays,skits, web series, movies and podcasts… which my podcast “Idle Talker”.. Few goals I will share:
1.) New location for all my services under 1 location  2.) Branding & marketing my brands, finalizing logos for everything, throw some of the littest and dopest parties that CT hasn’t seen out here in long time bring back type events people look forward to going to cant wait that old feel back when people couldn’t wait until the weekend to party.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview cuzzo!!




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