Rap artist Mark Diggity to be interviewed by Vaughka on Internet Hollywood Radio!

Musicians – A lot has been going on in the Internet Hollywood universe now that we are on the road to Vaughka Springs and more has been brewing in the music scene in the state of Connecticut when it comes to the artist. Rap artist Mark Diggity is an artist from the city that is known to support others and has generated a strong buzz in many regions of the state for forming movements and unifying talented artists together for a better cause.


His latest hardships included a prison year sentence that lasted a few years before getting released early due to the nature of the current pandemic and how strong it impacted the prisons. Mark Diggity filled me in on some information following his release and and to support I plan on playing some of his songs on Internet Hollywood Radio this Sunday. It will not be the first time Mark Diggity has crossed paths with the radio show. He has supported Internet Hollywood since the golden era of its creation during our Mayhem MusiKk cycle.


Now that he’s out he seems more than ready to do what he has to to build on his previous steps and achieve the levels of success in his career path. The light of music may still hover through the dark times of Mark Diggity but the only way to truly find out is getting him to call in to do the radio show. We are currently in the process of making that happen and i will feel you in on everything as that time approaches!



Mark Diggity: Instagram

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