Rap artist O’Merta releases a powerful song titled ‘Believe Me’ on SoundCloud, check it out right now!

Musicians – Hip Hop artist O’Merta is back heating up the music scene in Connecticut after dropping a  song titled ‘Believe Me’ me on his Soundcloud page. The single was released last month and has pulled in 1.3k streams since its release. I first found out about the song after seeing multiple shared posts on one of my social media pages earlier this month. I made sure I put down a reminder to check out the single and write up a story about it.


O’Merta continued the vibe of the song in a harmonized melody and carried each verse to the tune of the hook he pieced together and it came out pretty good. This is the style O’Merta is known for and he continues to deliver it with the same impactful energy that songs like ‘When I’m Gone’ and ‘My Side Of Town’ brings. There is no telling if he will plan on doing a music video for this song yet.


I’m currently in the process of putting together an interview with O’Merta to go deeper into his plans, upcoming projects, goals, and much more. It is definitely long overdue and much needed since it’s been a while an interview happened with us. O’Merta has been quietly releasing his singles and actively promoting them through his social media pages. You could check out the single on his Soundcloud page below!

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