Rap artist Oscar Black goes all the way in on his new music video to his ‘6lack Freestyle’ (check it out now)

Musicians – Independent artist Oscar Black is no stranger to attacking the beats he raps on to prove he’s well equipped with enough bars to give listeners good music for a long time. The Connecticut Hip Hop artist released his latest music video to his ‘6lack freestyle’ about two weeks ago on his ‘Oscar Black Live‘ Youtube channel.


The video edited by Vizual Hights Entertainment appears to show the artist on the side of the road rapping his verse from multiple angles which captured great scenes that went well with the editing in the area that he was in. The nicely edited video was 1-minute long and contained flows from Oscar that went into deep moments that would resonate with many that probably went through the experience.


Part of the verse:

“I was trappin trynna get my little n***a/

some jays and his momma good n***a/

but the bitch was acting too good n***a/

so I clipped the b**** and went wood n***a/


Oscar Black continued to reflect his thoughts with the pad he penned with clever bars that went over more moment of his life in the detailed fashion in which only an artist could explain. You could check out the entire freestyle by clicking the video link below. Just don’t forget to subscribe!

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