Rap artist Protigee lyrically destroys his song ‘Apart Of Me,’ says his new mixtape is coming soon!

Musicians – Independent Connecticut Hip Hop Protigee recently buried a song he did called ‘Apart Of Me’ and I wish I heard this song a whole lot sooner. The song was published on his Soundcloud a month ago and was streamed hundreds of times by listeners that checked it out. I came across the track on one of his social media pages that had a direct link to the song on his Soundcloud. After checking it out I got in contact with the artist and told him I wanted to write a story about it.


The song ‘Apart Of Me’ is not just any kind of rap song. Verses like Protigee’s are praised by the community of wordsmiths that focuses on the content emcee’s put out rather than just a hard-hitting base on a beat you could just bump your head to. His lyrics identified the point he was getting across and everything was said in great detail. You would have to really listen to pick up what he’s saying. The dude got bars!


Protigee also revealed that he’s currently working on a mixtape and has an album coming in due time. He also revealed a possible title for the name of the project and said his planned for a release will be a calculated one. You could check out Protigee’s song ‘Apart of me” on his Soundcloud below!



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