Rap artist Robby Bankss releases a new song titled ‘Been Through It All’ on Soundcloud, new mixtape is in the works

Musicians – Independent Hip Hop artist Robby Bankss has a lot of things on his mind and this time he’s translating those thoughts in the form of music. The Connecticut artist recently released a new song titled ‘Been Through It All’ on his Soundcloud earlier this week and is planning to release a whole body of music in a mixtape that he wants out by Christmas.


I learned of the track by Robby Bankss before it’s recording and had the pleasure of being one of the first people to hear the song after it was released. In the song, Robby paints vivid images of his life and brings the perception of his reality in a way listeners could understand in a more storytelling fashion. He goes in on his way of dealing with circumstances, experiences being younger, principles he stands on, snakes, and more.


Part of the verse (Listen Here)

Never had to go out my way I never do much/

A lot of niggas playing roles they need a tune-up/

Backwood hitting so hard I almost threw up/

The hardest n****s get in the jam and get a crew up/

n****s that aint never loaded it screaming they shooters/

I could show you how to get this chicken like a tutor/


Robby Bankss new mixtape is currently in the works and is about 60% done. The total amount of tracks for the mixtape is unknown at this time but many tracks are already completed and I was happy to hear a couple of them that could even be found on his Soundcloud. You could listen to some of the songs from the mixtape by going to his Robby Banks channel on the website. (Click Here)


There is a couple of ideas for the name of the mixtape but none has made its way for our public eyes to see yet. We will have to wait as he gets closer to completing the project. Check out his new song below!



Robby Banks: InstagramSoundcloud

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