Rap artist S-Type was contacted by Internet Hollywood, will be doing his first interview this month!

Buzz Alert / Musicians – Now that things are back heating up in the Internet Hollywood universe after a digital error (involving a hacker) halted everything that was going on for about a week. The situation caused us to switch numerous devices, up the encryptions, and use trusted anti-virus systems to combat future threats in the future as we continue to spread positive energy to everyone that loves giving back the energy as well.


That same energy tied into a musical talent got independent Hip Hop artist S-Type selected to receive his very first interview with Internet Hollywood. Once the the interview is completed S-Type of Hartford, CT will be receiving his third publication on the website. The artist has been keeping his name afloat on the underground music scene with music releases, music video collaborations, and even acting in an independent web-series called Ounces. During this interview we will aim to learn more about S-type, his music, acting, latest projects, main focus, upcoming projects, and more. The release date of the interview has not been set but it will be soon!


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