Rap artist Snacks Giggaty drops a music video with NE Video titled ‘I Am The Vibe’

Musicians – Independent Connecticut Hip Hop artist Snacks Giggaty is still filled with melodies in his latest music release that turns out to be a music video that I happen to be coming across a little late. The music artist released a music video titled ‘I Am The Vibe’ on a few of his social media and video streaming platforms and it’s now available for everyone to see.

The nearly 3-minute music video was taken by NE Video Ent who published the music video on their page where I saw it. The has already received 70 shares from a lot of people that viewed it and showed a positive reaction to the video.

It is no telling if this music video is an installment to a mixtape Snacks is putting together but the artist has kept a lot of his past release apart of an independent film series titled ‘Ounces’ he was playing in with a bunch of other artists. This is clearly one of those moments where we could speculate if Snacks Giggaty will return to the hard drive we know him for on a music level.

He also advertised what appears to be another single titled ‘Stack Em Up’ as his cover photo on his page. I have not seen a link with the song but if it is ever available I will be sure to let you know. You could check out his new music video on Facebook below!

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