Rap artist Snacks Giggaty to do his first interview with Internet Hollywood!

Buzz Alert / Music – Independent Connecticut Hip Hop artist Snacks Giggaty was recently contacted by Prince Vaughka and is currently in the process of getting interviewed for InternetHollywood.com. This pushes the Connecticut musician to 21 features on the website in total. Although Snacks has a lengthy amount of publications, this will be the artist very first interview with Prince Vaughka for Internet Hollywood.


Snack’s long history in the city of Hartford, CT has been built with humbleness, active social media engagements, an incredible amount of music, catchy verses and hooks, support for others, music videos, and even acting and independent films. In the first interview, Vaughka plans to dig into the background story of the artist and find out all of upcoming projects, latest news, and more. The date of the interview release is not known at this time. We will keep you updated!


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