Rap artist Trife Snitte returns with a new music video titled ‘Snittes Back’, check out the video right now!

Musicians – Independent Connecticut hip-hop artist Trife Snitte is finally back on the music scene with a brand new music video by Quality View Entertainment. The nearly 6-minute video was published on Max Amillion’s Youtube channel today and I noticed that when I saw the video under one of Max Amillion’s post on my Facebook news feed.


It has been weeks waiting for the release of Snitte’s new video since the video went into production last month. Max Amillion briefed me on the estimated wait time in an instant message over Facebook and that helped me plan the story for the release of it. Since then, Max Amillion has been working on many projects that could be seen all over his social media pages.


Trife’s new music video sends a direct message to the music scene and let all ears know that he has returned with a plan and his pen game is better than ever. Whatever that reason may be, there will be more music to expect as Trife Snitte heats up the scene with new material. His documentary showed that he has more music in his vault and with certainty, it’s coming out.


I first heard this song while watching Trife Snitte’s documentary and immediately I assumed the song would be made in the music video. The sound echoes into the era of the early 2000’s and brings mind challenging metaphors and a dope flow that’s known to those who listened to Trife before his years-long bid. Check out the music video below!

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