Rap artist Trife Snitte to receive his first interview with Internet Hollywood this month!

Buzz Alert – As news break all over the Internet Hollywood unvierse about models, photographers, makeup artist, photographers and more, the energy is now being given by some talented musicians that has been putting their work in on the underground from multiple states, especially in the state of Connecticut. Hip Hop artist Trife Snitte was recently contacted by IH Vaughka and was invited to do a 7-8 question interview over one of his social media platforms for InternetHollywood.com. This comes after the artist received five publications on the website that went into his documentary that was filmed by Quality View Entertainment, his music video “Snittes Back”, a couple of follow up stories that reported on the streams the videos were receiving, and his collaboration video “Where It Bang At” with Bud Cinco. In this interview, IH Vaughka will be trying to discover Trife Snittes latest music plans, upcoming projects, future videos, his background story, and more. The date of the interview has not been set but we will keep you updated!




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