Rap artist Trife Snitte will appear on Internet Hollywood Radio this Sunday!

Musicians / IH Radio – A lot of stuff has been going on in the Internet Hollywood universe leading to our first event ‘Vaughka Springs’ on August 19th and news following everything is finally being made known. The latest involves another music artist from the state of Connecticut named Trife Snitte. The music artist will also be appearing on the Internet Hollywood Radio show this Sunday and will be talking about a couple of important things in his career and his new album “Watch Out – F**k Out My Way”. Clips from the interview will be available sometime this week and the interview will be released on Internet Hollywood Radio this Sunday. Trife Snitte has been published on InternetHollywood.com 15 times.
Link To Radio Show: https://internethollywood.com/8-2-20-listen-to-vaughka-hos…/


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