Rap artist Triffe Snitte releases a brand new music video titled “Never Have, Never Will” (check it now)

Musicians – Independent Connecticut hip hop artist Triffe Snitte is satisfying his hunger by returning fire in the underground music scene. He recently dropped a new music video titled “Never Have, Never Will” on what appears to be a new Youtube channel. The nearly four-minute music video that was shot and produced by Kenneth Steele of Trillionaire Moves included the gritty sounds known from Triffe and a visual that brought the night life to the street anthem.


The release of the song comes after the release of Triffe Sniite new mixtape that is said to have about 19 songs on it with features from other independent artists like Napalm The Don and Bud Cinco. So far Trife has done two music videos by himself as an artist on the song from a very long sheet of music that is delivered in the content of his last music project. There are many songs that I would love to see music videos from and I’m hoping he gets around to doing those as well.


Here are some nice bars I picked out from “Never Have, Never Will” that I consider some of my favorites.


I be drooling just thinking about that bag/

and how im bout to cop this benz and make these **** ****** mad//

and i only been home 90 days/

and even tho im straight I still can’t shake my grimey ways//

that’s that project in me was raised by straight crooks/




“And all my ****** cookers we the goon squad yep/

see all these tools fix ya face before we tune ya’ll up/

all my ****** shooters, all my ****** killas/

all my ****** selling drugs, all my ******getting skrilla


You could check out the music video by clicking the link below!

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