Rap artist Uncdagreat teams up with Snacks Giggaty and releases a music video to their song ‘imma be myself

Musicians – Uncdagreat made no mistakes when he put together this pretty cool song with Snacks Giggaty and released the music video by Prime Visuals Production in February. After finishing up my time settling in a brand new location I took a dive into all of the dope music circulating the tri-state area and couldn’t help but check out a lot of the music that was sent to me by artists from my home state of Connecticut.  And One of those messages came from the incredibly talented Snacks Giggaty.


The song ‘Imma do me’ pretty much lives its title as soon as the music video starts and gives people a glimpse of pretty well shot scene that shows talented artists surrounding a table and sharing good vibes. The well edited video captures the explosive humor of Uncdagreat that didn’t hesitate to match the high energetic sounds of his verse and entertaining adlibs that contributed to the song being very entertaining.



I be thinking how to get a check for a rafe/

You’d be thinking who to call next for an eighth//

I ain’t never take a ***** on a dinner date/ (I’m lying!)

Take her out to eat because she had a bigger waist// (I’m buying)


The 3-minute video contained a lot of perfectly edited clips to match the concept of the song and both Uncdagreat and Snacks Giggaty provided their flows in slow and fast paces that makes it appealing to to a variety of listeners that may be interested in the more modern fast pace flow than the other one. You could check out the video below!

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