Rap artist Williano releases his 20-track mixtape ‘H.G.I.C.’ (Listen Now)

Musicians – Independent Connecticut Hip Hop artist Williano has unloaded a full 20-track mixtape titled ‘H.G.I.C’ on his SoundCloud page and it’s now available for everyone to go stream on the digital platform. The mixtape was released a little over a week ago and has a very limited amount of features but includes Hartford Po, GOLD and Rassko Lean.


I’ve written about a song Williano released from the mixtape in the past so I was aware a mixtape was in the works and would soon make its way to ears in the public. I learned of the release of the mixtape in a conversation with Williano this week and he informed me the mixtape had dropped.


I have not looked into questioning on whether Williano wanted me to reveal plans if he intends on working on any more music videos for the mixtape. He already released two videos from the mixtape in the past. And one thing I know is that process could be time consuming and I would rather piece that information together in a future story when the stages of the music video is in process and when it’s release.


Williano has been a familiar name to many people in the music scene in Connecticut that is aware of his love for music and how wicked his wordplay could be when he’s presenting the material in the art form. This mixtape brings that wordplay front and center with many of dope beats to vibe to while Williano puts in his lyrical work. Check the mixtape out below!

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