Rap artists 0ne-Way Dave and 30 puts on for the south end of Hartford, remixes Casanova’s “Set Trippin” in their new music video!

Underground Music – Independent rap artists 0ne-Way Dave and 30 is throwing it up for the south in a new music video that remixes “Set Trippin” by New York rapper Casanova. The aggressive street track served as an anthem for people with strong views against NY rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine claiming he’s from a well known NY city blood gang and the king of New York.


Since the release of the alleged diss song, many versions of the songs have surfaced all over the Internet from all over the United States. One-Way Dave and 30 chose to bring attention to the south end of Hartford, Connecticut with gritty bars that carries the aggressive tone echoed by the New York native. The video included gritty bars, hard-hitting metaphors, great adlibs and nicely cut clips by Prime Visuals.


This is the first time I came across a music video by One-Way and 30. I’m sure if I saw some of there work in the best this wouldn’t have been the first story I wrote about them. I came across the page after browsing through Connecticut artist Joe Banga page to find the link to his new 2.5 mixtape. You could check out their video below!

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