Rap artists Joe Banga and Butta DaKidd destroys ‘Better Dayz’ collaboration, check out the music video right now!

Musicians – Independent Hip Hop artist Joe Banga is back on Internet Hollywood’s front page after released a hard-hitting music video with Butta DaKidd. The collaboration makes up one of their latest projects that were released late last month on Joe Banga’s Youtube channel.


The song ‘Better Dayz’ comes from a mixtape Joe Banga released titled ‘1990 Somethin’ that came out in July 2016. The 16 track project was uniquely promoted by Joe Banga who also offered cool deals on things like tattoos, clothing, and more. It was a very strategic marketing strategy that artists like Travis Scott used with clothing and the campaign performed successfully.


In the collab, Joe Banga and Budda DaKidd let their pen game speak and brought their verses to live through vocals and performed their verses well and gave the sampled instrumental a more early-2000’s feel with two different sounds that matched perfectly in this collaboration.


I caught on to the song a little late but I made sure I wrote about it as soon as I got the chance. This music video definitely breathes energy back into his 1990 Somethin mixtape that has swept the Connecticut music scene by storm. Check out the music video below!

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