Rap Group Pure Pro rocked the Internet Hollywood party last month in Worcester, Massachusetts

Independent Musicians – Connecticut rap group Pure Pro rocked The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts on the 22nd of last month. They group hit the stage around 11:34 p.m. and performed a 25-minute set and gained some new fans after. The high powered energy in their content drove the crowd and kept the vibe of their performance top notch the entire time.


The group entered the building shining with their jewelery as they crossed the media room that was filled with Internet Hollywood sensations and fans. The presence of a hip hop group may have caught a lot of people by surprise that had no idea a live performance was going to happen. The entire media room stared as the rap group crossed the red carpet. They definitely caught everyone attention in a good way.


Pure Pro received the invitation to be guest performers in late-March before tickets were available to the public. The plan to book the group has been in the works since last year. The Internet Hollywood founder met up with the group and discussed booking them for the show in the beginning stages of planning the first event.


The group has been published in Internet Hollywood six times. The pictures in this article was taken by daggerSLADE Model Images.


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(Photographer: Holbrook Photography)


(photo by Holbrook Photography)

(photo by Holbrook Photography)

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