Rap Group S.O.S Keeps Their Name Strong At Pennsylvania Show – Flicks It Up


S.O.S is just the start of what makes music worth loving when you believe in it. Each artist provides their own taste and sound that creates the perfect combination that’s hard for listeners to resist. We’ve been following the movement for quite sometime and have learned they’re truly dedicated in pushing themselves to the full extent. For months the group has been dominating the Internet Hollywood Radio circuits without many artists to challenge them. The biggest fight comes with a powerful new artist by the name of Breezy Da Konvict. Breezy continues to build a strong presence that is beginning to match itself with the energy S.O.S is providing in some of the material they release. The group is currently ranked #2 in Internet Hollywood’s male music headliner billboard charts. The impressive amount of work these two put into their work shows how determined they are to reach a level they haven’t before. The powerful quality each artist releases remains the most effective when it comes to comparing their material to other upcoming artists. The group was recently seen partying it up at a venue in Pennsylvania not too long ago. We were told the party was filled with strippers, liquor, music, and more. We got a hold to some of the pictures, thanks to Rude Boy. S.O.S is currently the most powerful rap group inside of Internet Hollywood!

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