Rap Group S.O.S Responds To Kanye West Storming The Stage At The VMAs

sos newThe brothers from S.O.S has a different views on things when it comes to Kanye West ranting at the VMAs. Although Rapper Mise kept his version short,  his brother Rude Boy elaborated on his thoughts when our reporters asked what did they think. “Kanye is Kanye, nuff said,” Mise replied laughing. The artist didn’t elaborate too much on it surprisingly, but his brother Rude Boy didnt mind giving us a little different point of view:

“Honestly I can agree partially with Kanye’s reasoning but not his methods,” he said. The music industry has been dumbed down a lot and isn’t the same as it used to be. It doesn’t have originality or as Kanye put it, “creativity” as much as it used to. So in order to keep the music industry alive they have to cater to what’s selling and what there is which isn’t fair to real artist who really put there all in to what they do. I feel Kanye is correct on feeling the way he feels but storming the stage and causing a public scene and spectacle is the wrong way to go about sending that message.”

 So far S.O.S has been keeping their name in our front page headlines without much controversy. The two have been relying on their powerful presence in our universe to keep their names front and center, and so far it’s been working for them. The group is currently ranked the #2 biggest male artists inside of Internet Hollywood!

All past beefs involving S.O.S involved two powerful headliners by the name of Cthree and Late Nite Snacks. Although Snacks Giggaty chose to keep it silent, the reaction following the war of words were so big that even people inside of the mainstream entertainment business started responding!


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