Rapper Baby Beretta: “I’m Sick Of All This Bruce Jenner S***!”

baby 1Internet Hollywood female rapper Baby Beretta is now expressing some similar views with Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega when it comes to Bruce Jenner. Both musicians felt that the media has created a dream story out of something that isn’t a big deal compared to more important news, like Akon aiming to give solar power to 600 million Africans. Prince Vega didn’t mind sharing how delusional he felt Americans were when it came to Hollywood stories cooked up by the media. He claimed Americans were into ‘staged’ Hollywood stories more than their own freedom:

“I think the Bruce Jenner thing is interesting,” he said. “It seems like Americans care more about that stuff more than their own freedom. It’s pretty sad when you think about it. Humans are creatures I analyze through the shadows of my fortress. I find them very confused to what pleasure is. It’s almost like a rat chasing cheese hung onto a string. I feel their chasing thoughts rather than having them.”

Now female rap artist Baby Beretta is coming out with some very strong opinions on the matter. The Internet Hollywood celebrity didn’t mind opening up her mind completely, claiming that the people following the whole thing is sheeple that irritate her soul.


“UGH, I don’t care who don’t like it, I’m siiiick of all this Bruce Jenner shit. The fuck y’all talking bout this dude’s “bravery” for? People literally do this shit thousands of times a year. But I’m supposed to give a fuck cuz dude used to be fucking Kim Kardashian’s mom? FOH it’s ridiculous how much over-exposure this DUDE (lemme make that clear, DUDE, MAN, GUY, MALE w/e you wanna call HIM) is getting when you got celebrities like Akon who jus supplied 600 million people in Africa with electricity out of the goodness of his heart. But yet people ain’t talking bout all that cuz it ain’t mainstream news. Fucked up world we live in fr. Y’all “sheeple” irritate my soul ‪#‎RantOver‬

Baby Beretta is the second female artist on the underground circuit to enter into Internet Hollywood’s ‘Game of Rap’ series along-side DynastytheGoddess!

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