Rapper Baby Beretta Speaks On Rumors Of Prince Vega Wanting To Sign Her – Says Shes ‘Shocked’

baby beretta newRapper Baby Beretta is open to talk to Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega personally if the rumors of him wanting to sign her are true. The Canadian rap artist has been dominating the Internet Hollywood circuit since her debut in the Game Of Rap preseason last year. Shortly after her battle between one of Internet Hollywood’s most lyrical female artist DynastytheGoddess, Baby Beretta tended to disappear from Facebook for months. Baby Beretta recently returned and opened up about her disappearance, telling us she had to get her “mind right”.


“I left for personal reasons,” she said. “had to get my head right & clear.”

Even though Baby Beretta kept her answer short and clean, she didn’t mind stretching after letting us know that she has heard the rumors circulating that Prince Vega wanted to sign her. We are not aware as of now how true this is, but she admitted she was “shocked” and needed to talk to Prince Vega personally.

“I am deeply humbled by all the support I’ve been receiving from everyone at Internet Hollywood before, during and after my 3 month hiatus from the rap scene,” she said. “I did hear some rumors circulating that Prince Vega was looking to recruit me. My thoughts on this at first was “WOW CRAZY!” (in the best way). I’m definitely open to discussing that idea further. My position on everything when it comes to my public image however is hush-hush till it’s set in stone. it’s safe to say that I’d have to talk about it personally with him before I fill y’all in.”

Baby Beretta and DyanstytheGoddess is currently the two biggest unsigned females involved in Internet Hollywood. The presence of both models were noticed soon after their highly anticipated battle in the Game Of Rap preseason. The official season is expected to kick off in the month of May!

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