Rapper Banga Bandanaz is going in on “thots” in his new song; previews ‘Hennessy Thoughts’ on Facebook!

Underground Musicians – Connecticut’s own Banga Bandanaz has a lot to say in a new song titled ‘Hennessy Thoughts‘ that goes in on females that carry themselves in a “thot” fashion, so to speak. Bandanaz took the message he wanted to send to a higher level by continuously hammering one strong bar after another while describing the type of females he perceives in a negative light. I warn everyone that listens to take caution because of the very strong language included in the song.


Bandanaz hard work has earned him 7 stories in Internet Hollywood in the past, including an invite to be interviewed over messenger. The questions were sent to him last year and were recently answered this month. The interview is set to be released later on this week.


Bandanaz is very respected as a lyricist in the Connecticut music scene. The first song I heard of his was titled ‘Homocide Hartford’ and was posted on Youtube by Twistdownz, seven years ago. That video currently has over 58,000 views on YouTube.


A little browse through Youtube and you’ll see Banga Bandanaz has a lot of work that range from battles, freestyles, songs and video clips that also include him stating his mind about the current state of music and the streets of Hartford, Connecticut. You could check out his new song by clicking the link below!



Banga Bandanaz: ‘Hennessy Thoughts’


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