Rapper Banga Bandanaz releases a new music video titled ‘Losses’

Musicians – Rap artist Banga Bandanaz is cooking up the spring as the weather brings us on the door steps of the summer and he the artist continue to possess a strong collection of songs that continues to be newly updated in releases including entertaining music videos. The song has been out for about of week and hundreds has already creeped over to take a listen to what the music artists had to say.


The caption of the video reads: “banga bandanaz losses reflects on betrayal an emptiness. The feeling you get when growing up an living in the hood for so long an remaining loyal at the cost of losing loved ones an people turning there back on you. homicide hartford Connecticut reality rap”


In the video he addresses many things in his personal life and sheds light on a lot of the issues many people face when dealing with things in their communities, such as friendships, females, haters, and more. He also continued to drop gritty metaphors and weighed in on the settled beat with heavy punchlines. He has released five songs on his Youtube in the last three months. Check out the music video below!


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