Rapper Banga Bandanaz releases ‘F The Opps’ Music Video & ‘Stimulus ‘Freestyle’

Musicians – Banga Bandanaz is back heating up the streets with new music for listeners that get a thrill of the rap artists music whenever he releases it. He has released two songs and one music video in the past three weeks, a huge increase compared to his videos he put out in the last 5 months. The activeness continues with heating anthems that fans its own flames with a lot of loaded bars to go with it.


F The Opps

Hollows a rip through his body and tear up his head/

If I’m for the thotty I’d rather be married to bread/

I’m sick of these ****** I’ll pull up I’m airing (___???)/

Get rid of these ****** I’m hoping they hear what I said/

F**k going to prison I’d rather be buried instead/

F**k going to prison I’d rather be buried instead/

roll me a spliff and im taking that **** to the head/

when I’m getting that feeling that n****s gone kill me they dead/


why they be talking like they really with it when they dont want none of that/

woofing all up on the Internet you gone be the one I’m drummin at/

Stimulus Freestyle

everytime I look I hear a ***** saying let me hold something/

got to feel like if he know something/

All that energy gone make a ***** fold something/

you ain’t feeling me but you ain’t trynna smoke nothing/

it’s about the money everytime a ***** phone buzzin/

the ds pull up and we road running/

got these ******* on they knees begging me to stroke something/

if he saying he my enemy he probably owe something/

You could check out both of the videos on his Youtube channel and follow him to get all of his latest updates and music releases. You could find a lot of his music on music streaming platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Pandora, IHeartRadio, and more!


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