Rapper Ben Latin To Name Drop Dozens of Connecticut Rappers In ‘How To Rob’ Record


Prince Vega – Rapper Ben Latin is plotting on the release of a new record that remixes 50 cent’s ‘How To Rob‘ and substitutes the names of mainstream music artists with the names of rappers from the state of Connecticut.


The news comes after the artist updated a Facebook status to alarm a few artists that he was planning on mentioning their name in the record before revealing that ‘How to Rob 2k17’ is the name of the song:

Facebook status:

LeVon D** i mentioned you in my new track “how to rob 2k17” it aint nothing serious hahahaahaaa you too John M****** (Big Mach) light shit nothing serious ma niggas .. oh yea you too Krook Keez lmaoooo your line was funny as hell bro bro lmaoooooo..this how to rob shit historic right now lmaooo i was gon mention you Bigface N***** but yo head toooo biiig i couldnt fit the shit in my bars broo broo lmaoo juss fuckin around lol”


Although this marks Latin’s first official publication in Internet Hollywood, Ben Latin is known amongst Connecticut artists in the underground music scene. All artists he’s mentioning is well aware of him and most have known him for years.


Back in 2010, Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega publicly stated Ben Latin’s song ‘Fruits Of Labor’ was his favorite song to come out in the month of October of that year. The artist also went as far as promoting the single through his social media pages and popular Mayhem Musik groups, which held over 20,000 members.


The record is already finished and will be released in the beginning of November. We strongly recommend artists mentioned in the record to take appropriate measures proven beneficial to both parties from a career point. Battling is a part of the culture and the best results comes when it’s music vs music.

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