Rapper Big Mach discusses his upcoming projects, his new EP, doing music videos, staying humble, his main goal, and more!

Interviews – Independent Hip Hop artist Big Mach took to the time out of his day to fill us in on some of the things that’s going on in his life and music career this year. I had the great pleasure in chatting with the music artist after he accepted the invitation I sent over messenger to do the short interview for the website. Big Mach has been very supportive to Internet Hollywood and has been featured on the website 14 times. It was only a matter of time before the tables were going to turn back around with a brand new interview to fill you in on everything the artist got going on. I hope you enjoy reading the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Big Mach*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s popping Mach?! This is definitely a long overdue interview that should have been done a long time ago. You have always showed your support for everything we been doing here and I really appreciate you doing that and remaining humble the entire time. Thank you for joining me in this interview and I hope the very few questions I have cover everything that needs to be covered to give our readers all they need to know about your latest news. How has everything been going so far this year and what are some of the things your working on that everyone should be on the look out for?


Big Mach: This Year Def Been A Rough Start But I’m Alive and Ready To Push Forward 💯 As Far As Music I’m Going To Be Releasing A Couple Singles and Visuals Until I Have My EP Exactly Where I Need It. So Just Be On The Look Out For Machie Because Ill Be In Overdrive Real Soon.


Internet Hollywood: There is no denying that music videos has become a big thing for you as an independent artist. You always seem to put your face behind the music you put together and add the visuals to it to follow up on your releases. How important do you feel it is as an artist to do music videos and why do you feel it’s important for all artists to do it?


Big Mach: I Feel As A Artist a Video Brands You And Give People The Visual Of You Like Emotions on A Song, How You Many Carry Yourself, Creativity and Also The Fact You Take Your Craft Serious Enough To Go Thru The Steps To Get It All Done and Yes Its Very Important To All Artist To Have Visuals Sometimes Just Hearing The Music Isn’t Enough For Me I Wanna Paint a Picture or Get Lost In One.


Internet Hollywood: You were always one of those artists i felt deserved more support because you always showed support to others and never expressed negative energy. I always put you and Snacks Giggaty in that humble boat of artists. But one thing I noticed is even if some didn’t show love to ya’ll music back you always showed love to others as well. How do you continue to remain humble knowing how bias a lot of people are and was has being the person you are taught you about everything about people in life in general?


Big Mach: All I Know Is How To Be Mach! and S/o To Snacks I Believe He Is Def One Of The Humblest and Realist Individuals I’ve Been Able To Meet In Life, But Not To Get Off Track I’ve Been Let Down A lot In Life And Had To Realize I Can Only Be Me Expecting People to Be Real With Me Back Or Even Meet Me Half Way Will Only Set Me Up For Disappointment So I Have To Just Strive Forward And Hope For The Best God Is Amazing And I Leave It All In His Hands.


Internet Hollywood: Music wasn’t the only thing we’ve seen you doing your thing in. We also seen you doing your acting thing in the ‘Karma’ web series. Is acting something you want to continue pursuing in the future? And if so, what kind of movies could you see yourself acting in?


Big Mach: Yes I Was In Karma and Recently Filmed Karma 2 With My Guy Gold, Acting Is A dope way to express yourself as Music Is So I Have Been Doing More That’s Coming Soon and Id Love To Continue With It and Im Open Enough To Try and Type Of Genre of Film Work.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people you would like to collaborate with in the future and why do you feel some artists tend to collaborate with others but don’t seem to like to personally show support for other artists when they are releasing things that doesn’t involve them?


Big Mach: I Love Collaborating So Really I’m Not The One To Have Any In Mind But Charlie Baltimore Is Prob The Only One In Mind That Id Reach Out For But As Far As Home and Industry I’m Open To Working With Everyone and Never Fall Into Someone Not Promoting You It Will Drive You Crazy When We All Have Things Going On In Life.


Internet Hollywood: Here’s one of my favorite questions to ask;What goals do you currently have in place this year and did you feel you had to change anything about yourself, your music, or the things around you to conquer those goals you have put in place?


Big Mach: My Main Goals Always Been To Make Sure My Family Is Good And Never Need From Anyone As Long As I Live also Just To Be Happy Because A lot People Hide That and I Just Want To Be At Peace With Myself and Life and As Long As That’s The Goal Right There So Everything is Minor and Its Something I Will Reach If I Want It. 💯


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Big Mach!




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