Rapper Big Mach & Paper Teams Up With Jr. Writer To Release New Song ‘Got The Juice’

big mach new 2

Prince Vega – Connecticut rapper Big Mach is hammering the underground music scene with a brand new street banger that matches the potential of an anthem. The hard hitting collab from the three carried lengthy flows with perfectly timed lines delivered in each bar that met the hook that created the perfect song.


It was known to the public for sometime that Big Mach was working on a new project Jr. Writer. The artist continuously posted status about the two working on some material he planned on releasing to the public soon. It is obvious that ‘Got The Juice’ is a powerful single that includes A game lyricists who gave their all to create a great song with the best quality. If they were rapping to prove something then this song pretty much does that.


Although Big Mach isn’t a familiar face to our readers, he has made front page news before. Back in August 2014, he made front page news after defending fellow Connecticut artist Late Nite Snacks during a rumored feud with a rapper that called him out in California by the name of Cthree. After the feud rapper Cthree was included in Snoop Dogg’s top 10 ‘Underground Heat’ countdown at number 8.


You can listen to Big Mach & Papers song with Jr. Writer by clicking the highlighted link below!


Click Here To Listen

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