Rapper Big Mach releases new music video titled “B**** Boi” featuring Rubb Red, will soon release another one featuring Phrizzy!

Underground Music – Connecticut musician Big Mach is applying pressure to his competitors again with a new music video titled “B**** Boi” that features Rubb Red. I recently came across the notification for the video early Tuesday morning while getting my day started for work. So far the single has pushed into the thousands and dozens of comments and likes has poured in since its release. I felt it was only right for me to add fuel to the fire by writing a story about it.


The new video follows the aggressive street content that’s familiar to listeners that follows a lot of the music Mach has perfected on his craft as an independent artist. He continues to hammer the track with raw and gritty flows and it shows in this new release that was shot by Taylor Camro.


The last time Big Mach made front page news on Internet Hollywood was in late May, after he released a joint album with rapper G.O.L.D titled ‘Merged’ in June. The album consisted of old and new songs from the two artists who are also independent film actors.


Big Mach played a role in G.O.L.D’s film ‘Karma’ that was released to the public back in 2016. The  entire film could be found on Youtube. (Watch Here)


You could check out Big Mach’s new music video with Rubb Reb by clicking the highlighted links below!



Big Mach – Instagram – Facebook

Taylor Camro: Facebook

Rubb Reb: (still searching his for links…)

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